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The Leeds Muslim Youth Forum is active in promoting the voice of unity and cohesion between young people of all communities. Working with and alongside religious leaders from across Leeds the LMYF are involved in interfaith events across the city. All of the events and initiatives we support are organised to promote dialogue between different communities.


Inter faith understanding and cooperation are of year-round and ever growing importance but during national Inter Faith Week the LMYF actively promote interfaith dialogue to coincide with national events which draw the spotlight falls on this very important area of work. Other social and community cohesion projects have also included intra-faith initiatives, community iftars (fast breaking events), roses for peace and standing together interfaith conferences.


We believe it is important to highlight the significance of faith and the contribution that faith communities make to society. Young and old of all backgrounds should get the chance to find out more about their neighbours’ faiths and beliefs and to discuss, debate, learn, contribute together to projects and celebrate their diversity. Finding commonalities, sharing what matters most deeply to us, asking questions, exploring differences of view – these are all part of a progressive society and help to build a stronger and more united Britain.

Look out for our upcoming interfaith week activities! 

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